Since 1989 The South Florida teaching base for PGA Hall of Famer Bob Toski and his partner Gary Battersby has been their learning center located on the Coconut Creek Campus of Broward College serving the cities of  Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek,Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach and Margate.The facility is open to the public, and lends itself to a very casual atmosphere.                   Toski and Battersby's level of experience is unmatched in the field. The secret to their success lies in their ability to relate to every level golfer, imparting their intuitive "feel" approach to the learning process. The most common reaction to their technique is how "simple" it seems and how "easy" it is to learn.  

Exerpt from Gary's second novel "The Mystic Returns to Ireland"

Release Late 2014

Dan perked up, he was ingesting every morsel of Joe’s philosophy.  "Joe, can you in a few sentences tell us what is real in a golf swing. I mean how can we never get lost in our swings and practice? I really want to learn how to look at it, so I am never confused."

Joe paused and seemed to take in Dan's question with full digestion. He looked down and then back, directly at Dan. Now he  had a serious look  on his face. He  began to speak slowly.

 "Dan I love questions like this, cause if we really understand the principles of something we should be able to explain it to a five year old, don't you think?”

He began revealing his answer; to me it was incredible, Insightful and succinct to say the least, in one sentence.

"The only way to think of a golf swing in it’s entirety, is as a dynamic pattern of energy, And then you build up your sensory awareness by feeling  where the energy goes; the speed and  directional changes of the club through out."

Dan was beaming, he had gotten it…..


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